the peeps I serve

I am seeking a word, or term, to refer to the people I serve,  that is shorter than the current term, ‘the people I serve.’ I am seeking to find language to describe the people I serve, that is concise, and and feels accurate.

It was considered best practice to refer to the people I serve as patients, in the last incarnation of professional clinical practice, but, even then, the word ‘patient’ left an unbalanced, ‘power over’ flavour in my mouth.  I feel that in my current clinical practice, I am reaching for a term that feels more equal; something that honours the wisdom and sovereignty of the people I serve. I am seeking a word that honours the collaborative process, with equity; I am not more powerful, or important, than the people I serve. We are equal peers in the process, more like colleagues, than patients.

I have tried the word clients, but it feels dissonant somehow. I have used the word ‘peeps’ to describe the people I serve, with more comfort, though it is not as easily understood a term, by as many people as would be ideal. I am seeking a term that can be general, inclusive, and still clear.

I am open to creating a word or term, so long as the word can be easily understood, and feels respectful in all of the aforementioned ways.

I welcome  the ideas and wisdom of the people I serve in developing appropriate terminology to honour the profound nature of the collaborative, therapeutic relationship we engage in the process of the profound healing work we nourish together.

Please feel free to share your thoughts, feedback, and ideas with me, either in the comments below, or an email:



the juicy insight, and profound power of “Why?”

I was recently blessed to share time with a little person. By little person, I mean a person who is youthful, and little, and asks “why?” frequently. And by frequently, I mean a lot. A Lot.

I was reminded about the importance of that question. Answering Why, indicates our motivation, which can provide profound insight.

What if there was benefit in greeting your life situation with Loving reasons for every event, every activity, every thought, Idea, and interaction.

What if how I do what I do, and even what I am doing, matter less than why.

If every action I take is driven by a deep desire to align more fully, joyfully, and abundantly with Love, then I suspect that even my chores would be profoundly more nourishing, when the reason driving my action was Love.

What if, even taking out the compost, or folding laundry was a way to help me feel more Loved, Lovable, and Loving? I could aptly focus my thoughts on coming up with excellent, nourishing, self-Loving, prosperous reasons for why I do everything I do.

I am finding great joy and ease in indulging in choosing Love, consciously, and then attaching it to the menial tasks of my day to day life. It feels empowered, creative, and silly. Also, I am finding it much easier to do much more, and feel nourished, rather than depleted.

As a free, accessible exercise, that contributes to a conscious practice of Love and gentleness, this one feels like a winner to me. Now I am more aware of my ability to ask “Why?” and my faith in my courage to choose Love as the answer is growing, question by question.

new moon: October 12, 2015

Happy new moon in Libra!

I hope you are all enjoying the shift in season. I am sure noticing a change in the amount of daylight.

I notice that as the daylight hours dwindle, the autumn season provides more opportunity for in-door cozy time, and introspection.

I like to practice self-transparency with my introspection, and notice the quality, content, and frequency of my thoughts. I find more time with my thoughts feels better when my self-talk is gentle. To support and promote gentleness, I like to practice plenty of varried self-care practices. I also like to make little self-care wishes with each new moon.

This new moon, I am aiming to open up my breathing, and straighten my posture with mindfulness, regular body position check-ins, and practicing deep, slow, breathing, often.

I hope you are finding plenty of ways to support gentle self-talk, and practice self-care.