gentleness for you, for all

I am an individual practicing gentleness,

with an awareness of Meta consciousness.

What if, Love is for everyone?

And Love is for you.

When in my daily life, I choose to align with ease,

When I choose gentleness, and true caring for me,

I radiate my growing gentleness to all.

When I share more gentleness with me, I radiate more gentleness to all.

I noticed, when I choose Gentleness, it leads to gentleness.


I choose gentleness. More often than ever.

Gentleness, leads to gentleness, and that is a worthwhile investment.

I choose gentleness.

Gentleness for me, gentleness for all.


What could I be choosing?

Sometimes I like to ask myself questions, without expectation about an answer, more like planting questions seeds, and nourishing them with openess, gratitude, and reverence.

This question is on high rotation for me today:

“What could I be choosing, that if I would choose it would create infinite choice, infinite possibility, and true freedom?”

Yes please. More of that, please.