escalating anticipation

Many of the people I serve in my practice have patterned relationships with the moon, with varying degrees of awareness.

I have noticed that when we do not have an understanding of why our needs, and abilities, may vary from day-to-day, it can be easy to blame ourselves, if we perceive that we are not ‘performing’ at ‘full capacity’, all of the time. While there are lots of possible reasons why motivation, energy, and performance vary from day-to-day, mindful noticing, and generous gentleness, can go a long way towards easing the humanity of our process.

Many people have no conscious awareness how their energies are implicated by greater systems, such as the lunar cycle, and so, do not schedule their time and expectations more gently in alignment with the natural ebb and flow of their energies, and end up oscillating between feeling under-stimulated, and feeling like their time, and energy, are spread way too thin.

In anticipation of this Saturday’s full moon I am remembering to breathe deeply, often, think gentle thoughts, and engage in gentle, restorative self-care practices, like walks, stretching, and making time to write my busy thoughts down in a  journal.

If this week you find yourself feeling agitated, or ‘wound a bit more tightly’, or feeling less patient with yourself, or others, please remember gentleness, and deep breaths, and share them liberally.

If there are self-care strategies that you are practicing that are serving you, please feel free to share them in the comment section. I welcome your observations, and I would Love to learn about what is working for you.

happy healing.