anticipating a super full moon

I am feeling the building of the full moon, and it feels like a rowdy big escalation of energies, on so many levels.

While I have not always felt connected or aligned with my relationship with the moon cycle, and even, for a time, thought that such a thing was a hilarious, meandering path to silly-town, I now notice that my energy, mood, and manifestations have a relationship with the moon.

Now, when I feel a full moon approaching I make a point of sharing extra gentle self-care and attention with myself.  I am opening to new ways to deepen, my breath, and my commitment to living in alignment with the truth that Love for everyone, including me.

It is generally the very last part of that commitment that I trip on, from time to time. Unconditional love is for everyone, easy. Unconditional love is for me; oh right… yes, that.

I have noticed that when I share extra gentle self care, and attention, with simple, consistent acts of Loving care for my self, in anticipation of the full moon, I feel so much more awesome. I am able to enjoy the ebb and flow of energies of the moon cycle, with more gentleness, and less effort.  This particular super, full moon, I am enjoying deep, slow, easy breaths, at least 11 in a row, about every hour. I am helping myself process by walking each day, at a gentle pace, and feeling gratitude for the beauty I witness. I am also remembering to stretch out my chest, neck, and back, for even a few minutes each day. I have noticed that sharing even 2 minutes of focused body-loving stretches helps to open my breath, and ease bodily tension.

I wish everyone a very happy, gentle full moon!