new moon: October 12, 2015

Happy new moon in Libra!

I hope you are all enjoying the shift in season. I am sure noticing a change in the amount of daylight.

I notice that as the daylight hours dwindle, the autumn season provides more opportunity for in-door cozy time, and introspection.

I like to practice self-transparency with my introspection, and notice the quality, content, and frequency of my thoughts. I find more time with my thoughts feels better when my self-talk is gentle. To support and promote gentleness, I like to practice plenty of varried self-care practices. I also like to make little self-care wishes with each new moon.

This new moon, I am aiming to open up my breathing, and straighten my posture with mindfulness, regular body position check-ins, and practicing deep, slow, breathing, often.

I hope you are finding plenty of ways to support gentle self-talk, and practice self-care.